How to contact Robochao?

I can be contacted via email.


Just a blog.

Robochao will just be me sharing the various thought balloons that pop into my mind, probably mostly about comics & streaming though I’m always capable of finding myself in some space opera, epic fantasy, or some post-modern dungeon.

I had a previous blog-life where you’d find interviews I’ve conducted with some of your favorite NY Times Bestselling and award winning writers in speculative fiction, including pleading for Bronn to George R.R. Martin, the creator of Game of Thrones; talked dungeons and singularity with Charles Stross; chatted fantasy with the co-creator The Expanse; tried to hustle a spoiler from Robin Hobb; explored the depths of Ambergris with Jeff VanderMeer before Annihilation; summoned Scott Lynch before Locke Lamora; & obsessed over all things Malazan with Erikson and Esslemont.

My real life – at least I think – is better than the fantasy I read. When not island hopping between Hawaii, Japan, and Sardinia, you’ll find me near a beach somewhere in southern Cali. I’m the one with my iced coffee, unkempt hapa hair, w/ the zero fucks given tilted grin, probably talking about Studio Ghibli films, Calvin & Hobbes, or Inio Asano comics.

I just want to write something every day. I feel like a lot of what I read online, particularly regarding entertainment, feels prompted as everyone writes or podcasts about the same thing at the same time because that’s how publicity and social media trends work. It can make even great content boring or at the very least overstated.

Further there are guidelines everyone has to follow based on getting into things like google news that make most of the articles to be fluff pieces full of information you don’t really care about at the end of them to fill word count.

I just want to write about what I’m actually doing or enjoying on my own accord and schedule. Be like a real person.

I know. I know. I badly need a copy editor. You can make fun of me on social media.

Social Media?

nah. I like myself too much. Also, oddly, the handles aren’t available anywhere and I find underscores to be unseemly.

I dig the blog and want to support it. How can I?

You don’t have to do anything but read the thing but if you want to buy me a drink, much appreciated.