Posuka Demizu Dresses Illustration 2019


A favorite annual purchase of mine to keep up with what’s next in art.

Just a quick pointer as I just ran across this cover for Illustration 2019.

It’s by the great Posuka Demizu who is, of course, the artist of the wonderful Promised Neverland manga that runs in Weekly Shonen Jump.

For those that don’t know Illustration is an annual book collecting contemporary art. They usually have over 300 pages and are over-sized compared to what most people in the U.S. would think of in reference to manga (they are 10 inches in height).

I absolutely love them and they are a bit of a surprise thrill for me as I tend to forget about them because they only come out once a year, making me typically late in getting them (this came out in December) but it’s always a joy to be reminded of, that feeling that you have something unexpected to look forward to and dive into.

For being such large publications each year the content is FRESH and new and gets you excited for what’s going on in art.

Off to order mine now.

Also, the Promised Neverland anime and comic are well worth anyone’s time.