Smurfette Debuts in ’66 Spirou


Peyo created and introduced the Smurfs in 1958 in the pages of Spirou but it would be 8 years later… I’m guessing eight LONG years later if you’re a pre-existing Smurf to be blessed with a better half version of themselves.

… and they have their arch-nemesis to thank for it.

A couple issue earlier Smurfette was created by Gargamel in a scheme to get at the Smurfs and this strip, fresh out of yesterday’s mailbox, is Smurfette’s first full appearance and you will immediately notice something different about her.

smurfette first appearance

Smurfette a brunette?


She would not get her much more signature blonde locks for another 8 issues, courtesy of Papa Smurf (I’d say the local expert on unique head fashion in Smurf Village).

Important: Smurfette does debut matching though. White hat, sundress, and kicks, she’s out there.

What I like about just looking at this one page strip in an issue full of many other creator’s strips is that much like with the best Disney comics, Peyo’s storytelling language is universal just with his imagery. When reading it just now it never occurs to you that you don’t speak or read the language within the word balloons.