Binge The Lost Room on Amazon Prime

There’s a few older shows over the years that I periodically check and wait to hit streaming services, often waiting quite a while for them to come up.

In years past some of them have included Fringe (which FYI is now on Prime as well for free but has commercial via the IMBD channel), Wonderfalls, Millenium, Robotech, and more recently The Terror.

The Lost Room is one I always check on. It lasted three episodes that each were around an hour and a 1/2 long (it’s roughly 260 minutes in all) and originally aired on Syfy when it was the SciFi Channel and is probably my favorite show ever on either along with Stargate Universe (which I know isn’t how most Stargate fans think – it’s just the best acted, written, most smart and science fiction of the three Stargate shows). I like all of them to some degree but Universe is clearly the best of them to my tastes and it’s a damn shame we only got two seasons of it. Maybe more on this later.

Back to The Lost Room. I feel like I’ve waited years now for it to be back on streaming and because it’s so sporadic in availability it’s always that much more exciting and fresh when I can see it.

So what is it about?

Not to give away too much but it stars Peter Krause of Six Feet Under & Parenthood along with Elle Fanning, Kevin Pollack, & Julianna Margulies with Krause playing a cop called into a murder scene which leads him into possession of a special object that acts as the speculative fiction element of the film involving mundane objects of either god-like or absolutely inconsequential power and the different individuals and factions coveting them.

I don’t want to say more than that, I think it’s best enjoyed while watching it.

I will add that it is an earnest show, not having the comedic bent that other Syfy shows like Warehouse 13 or Eureka had. I should also mention that Lost Room came out in 2006 so we are talking pre-peak TV, the beginnings of which is just around the corner in a year or two.

I say this because our idea of top rate television has changed in just over a decade and along with the landscape that has brought money, talent, and storytelling on another level to the form rather regularly via cable and streaming that we already take for granted.

I think The Lost Room is a must for fans of speculative fiction now that it’s streaming but even in that case I don’t think it’s going to become your favorite show of all time but like shows we take for granted now, this was one that slid by a lot of people and one I find myself recommending to many people to great effect.