It’s Zendaya’s World, We Merely Live in It, Tiger

Just a brief thought after coming back from Spider-Man: Far From Home.

In the same way a couple years ago seemed like the year of Donald Glover it feels like were are in the midst of at least the quarter of Zendaya.

I’ve never not been on the Zendaya as MJ train, I thought it was flawless inspired casting in a younger Spider-Man – already the best live action Spider-Man on screen ever – grabbing someone who could play the age and had already worldwide appeal* .

As a fan of the comics but not so old where I’m out here for Gwen Stacy there was always a quality to MJ that shined even when she was around Marvel’s flagship character who was often preceded by adjectives like amazing & spectacular.

If Spidey is to represent the young hero with real problems given great power and responsibility, MJ was this out of costume life ideal to aspire to. Peter had to have something we’d all give everything for to give his choice to continue to risk his life, even beyond old uncle promises, even more meaning.

MJ is the reason for both his worlds, his spark, inspiration, and muse, and Zendaya embodies that in Far From Home and in real life. The clarity in how she personifies those elements has to be pure allowing for no questions.

We don’t.

In both our world and that MCU she’s the dream sexy day one come to life perfectly rendered and alive for the 21st century.

She is euphoria.

  • * unless you’re a racist but then nobody worth a damn gives a fuck about you or what you think anyway
  • We live in a great world for Spider-Man fans with Zendaya as MJ and sublime animation with Into The Spider-verse.